PCS launches green workplace website

PCS going greenThe PCS has launched a new section on its website focusing on environmental issues in the workplace. Visit it here.

“Climate change is most definitely a union issue. The workplaces that we organise – and seek to organise – burn energy, consume resources and generate waste.” First Steps to a Greener Workplace, TUC, 2006

These pages feature news, tips and useful information, campaigns and  PCS policy on ‘green’ issues such as climate change, energy saving, waste and recycling.

We believe that green or sustainable workplaces should also take on board wider issues such as ethical investment, fair trade and workers’ rights.


2 Responses

  1. It stopped warming 10 years ago. It is now significantly cooling. The oceans have cooled.

  2. It is the most important initiative today. Only the organised workers can respond effectively on climate change and Peal Oil issues. Otherwise there will be chaos. We must also learn from Cuba where unions have saved the country after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    I live in India and we are faced with a severe shortage of fossil fuels and in immediate future, the city’s demand for cooking fuel will go so big that it can wipe out our forests. Two urgent initiatives need are planting trees every where and starting manufacure of solar box cooker as a cottage industry in every urban area. It is an activity that a large number of workers who have lost jobs can star immediately.

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