Vestas campaign update, 10 September 2009

 The workers and supporters are maintaining a blockade of the factory. The main leverage they have over politicians and the Vestas company is to prevent Vestas removing the remaining blades and valuable equipment at will.

In a press release this morning, the workers explained:

“We, the workers, see it as our duty to stop our blades from leaving, as part of the campaign to nationalise the factory. Vestas have told us that there is no demand for our products but are still unwilling to sell the site to other interested parties. It is clear the government must act on such an important issue as renewable energy production. They should not let our future be dictated solely by profit.

“We are calling on the government to invest in green jobs on the Isle of Wight , and for Vestas to reinstate the eleven sacked workers who occupied the factory.”

The workers urgently need help with the blockade, as the company is likely to try and remove the blades and equipment in the coming days. If you are able to go to the Isle of Wight and join the blockade, mobilise others to go, or raise funds to support those who are maintaining the blockade, please contact

You can find advice for getting to the Isle of Wight and a map showing the location of the Vestas factory on the blog:

If you would like to make a donation, the details have now changed; please send cheques payable to “RMT IOW 2 VESTAS HARDSHIP & DEFENCE FUND” to Keith Murphy, 57 Well Street , Ryde, IOW PO33 2RY, or you can continue to donate by PayPal online at the blog.

 Thursday 17th September will be the second national day of action around the Vestas campaign. A number of events are planned around the country, many of them advertised on the blog. If you know of any more or would like advice on planning an event, please contact

Thank you for your support so far. The campaign for green jobs on the Isle of Wight and around the UK is continuing, and needs your continued support.


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