Get your branch to support our 2010 conference

Use this model resolution to get your union organisation to support CACCTU’s 2010 conference.

    This branch recognises:

    • That Climate Change is an issue of enormous concern. Latest scientific evidence shows that the world is warming faster than expected.

    • The changing climate will lead to more flooding, droughts, famine and hurricanes across the globe affecting the poorest in society first and greatest across the globe.

    • Climate Change is a major issue for Trade Unions, many of whom have supported climate events in the last year, including the Campaign Against Climate Change (CaCC) Trade Union conference with over 200 delegates.

    • We need government investment in green industries such as renewable energy, insulation of all homes and workplaces, re-skilling of workers and research into further technological development. This will create or save tens of thousands of jobs at a time when many are concerned for their own future employment.

    • That this December’s UN Climate Talks in Copenhagen are an important opportunity to secure global, democratic commitments to measures that might avert climate catastrophe, before our planet’s ecology destabilises irreversibly.

    • The Copenhagen talks will be marked by demonstrations across the globe calling on governments to agree concrete action on climate change. In London, the demonstration is called by the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, supported by the Campaign Against Climate Change and the National Union of Teachers.

        This branch therefore resolves to:

        1. Support, publicise and encourage members to attend the demonstration in London on Saturday 5th December.

        1. Support, publicise and encourage members to attend the third Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Conference (CCCTU) in London on Saturday 13th March 2010.

        1. Donate £___ to the organisers towards the cost of the conference and sponsor the CCCTU conference in the name of this Branch.

        1. Send our banner to both events.

          Please send cheques, payable to “Campaign Against Climate Change” to


          CCC TU conference

          30 Church Lane



          M25 1AJ


          For more information on the CaCC Trade Union group,

          contact Martin 079 585 35 231

          or email


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