Third trade union climate change conference

Download the flyer for the 2010 Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Conference here.


One Million Green Jobs Now!

mill The Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group has produced a 50 page pamphlet, ONE MILLION CLIMATE JOBS NOW. This comes out of an alliance of a wide range of unions, campaigns and experts and can be downloaded here.

This is not a policy report intended to be read by a few and gather dust. It is the first step in a national campaign to make the government employ a million unemployed workers to save the climate. It contains the arguments workers need for building that campaign. It will take mass action to make the government act. But first we have to convince people. Here is how we start:

You can get one copy for £2 or ten at a time for £15 from: The Campaign against Climate Change, here,  or 0207-833-9311, or from the following people at union head offices:

Anne Elliott-Day at PCS

Manuel Cortes at TSSA

Tony Kearns at CWU

Janet Pantland at UCU.

Then sell the pamphlet at all the union, political and environmental events you can.

The key step is to get a small group of union activists together to start organising. Four people in a room in your town is enough. The Campaign union group will send a speaker. Contact Martin Empson on 07958535231.

Then contact union branches and workplace groups in your town. Ask the reps to take five or ten copies. If they take it and like it, try to get a speaker to a branch meeting or stewards meeting. Contact by phone is better than email, contact in person is best.

Organise a public meeting for One Million Climate Jobs Now in January or Feb. This does not have to be large. All it has to be is the largest meeting of union members about climate ever in your city. That’s not very big. For speakers contact Martin Empson 0795853231.

The Campaign will be sending out copies of a petition and a model union resolution, and will campaign for the TUC to call a national demonstration.

A longer report will come out in March. And the Campaign against Climate Change will have a national conference on Saturday March 15 in London to discuss how we organise to win a million new jobs.

Fight for 1,000,000 Green Jobs

cv2 You can download the colour version of this campaign leaflet here or the black and white one here. 

Climate Change threatens millions around the globe. The most recent studies suggest that without serious action, our future, together with the eco-systems around us, is very bleak.

This December the international community gathers in Copenhagen to discuss a new climate change treaty. At the same time, we are facing what may well be the worst economic crisis since the Second World War.In Britain we face unemployment levels of almost 3 million.

Major demonstrations have been called to coincide with the climate talks. In the UK, these will take place in London and Edinburgh on Saturday 5 December.

Gordon Brown’s government has promised to create green jobs. Yet their proposals are too drawn out. They allowed 600 wind turbine workers at Vestas to lose their jobs this year.

We urgently need investment in green energy, public transport, insulation schemes and the like. This has the potential to create a million green jobs. Instead they bailed the banks out with billions of our money, and already the bankers have returned to greed and bonuses. We need money spent on saving the planet and creating jobs.

The Vestas’ workers struggle shows there is a huge amount of solidarity when it comes to fighting for green jobs.

The Campaign Against Climate Change will be holding a rally in Hyde Park before the main demonstration. We want a huge delegation of trade unionists from across the country to back the call for a million green jobs. We will then join “The Wave” and surround Parliament.

“The Wave” has been called by the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, with the backing of over 100 groups.