Supporting the British Airways strikers

DSCF0486 At the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group meeting last weekend, supporters of the group voted to support the British Airways strikers who were taking part in their second strike. A message of support was sent to the picket lines at Heathrow, together with a cheque towards the hardship fund.

Despite some in the environmental movement who believe that workers in carbon intensive industries are part of the problem, we believe that there needs to be a Just Transition towards a zero-carbon economy. To do this successfully will require a strong Trade Union movement, and a victory for the BA workers would be a victory for the whole movement.


What needs to be done?

Jonathan Neale of the Campaign Against Climate Change explains why Copenhagen failed and the sort of movement we need to build.

A trade union strategy

Chris Baugh of the PCS sets out a strategy for trade unionists to tackle climate change.

Education and climate change

Graham Petersen of the UCU looks at the relationship between the education system and responses to climate change.

Bolivia and climate change

Amancay Colque describes the way in which the Bolivian delegation behaved at the Copenhagen talks and emphasises the importance of the upcoming conference in Cochabamba.

Transport and climate change

 Alex Gordon of the RMT discusses transport policy, the market and the need for democratic planning at the Million Climate Jobs conference.

You can watch the video here.



Million Climate Jobs Conference – final timetable

Download the final timetable and details of how to register for the Conference for a million climate jobs here.

It’s happening on Saturday 13th March in South Camden Community School, Charrington St, London NW1 1RG