Climate change: model union resolution

Here is the text of a model resolution if you want to get your union branch to support the December 6th climate change demonstration or the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Conference (CCCTU) in March 2009

This branch recognises:

  • That Climate Change is an issue of increasing concern, with the latest scientific evidence showing that the world is warming faster than expected.
  • The changing climate will lead to more flooding, droughts, famine and hurricanes across the globe affecting the poorest in society first and greatest across the globe.
  • Climate Change has become a major issue for Trade Unions, many of whom have supported climate events in the last year, including the Campaign Against Climate Change (CaCC) Trade Union conference, where over 300 delegates heard leading Trade Union figures and MPs commit their unions to campaigning over the issue.
  • This December will see the latest in a series of United Nations discussions about a replacement to the Kyoto Agreement, in Poznan, Poland.

This branch therefore resolves to:
1) Support, publicise and encourage members to attend the CaCC demonstration in London on Saturday December 6th, calling for immediate concrete government action on climate change.

2) Support, publicise and encourage members to attend the second Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Conference (CCCTU) in London on Saturday 7th March 2009.

3) Donate £___ to the organisers towards the cost of the conference.
4) Sponsor the CCCTU conference in the name of this Branch.

5) Send our banner to both events.

Please send cheques, payable to “Campaign Against Climate Change” to

CCC TU conference
PO Box 417
M45 0AP

An Inconvenient Spoof

I’ve paved my front garden and planted three cars,
The rain cannot reach underground reservoirs

But I just don’t believe what they say are our follies,
That the poles are now melting like two big ice lollies

Great Yarmouth, it sizzles like somewhere in France,
And scorpions are spreading all over Northants

The warmest year yet since records began. It
Was the hottest one yet on our little planet

The forests are falling in the Amazon Basin,
But I just won’t acknowledge the problems we’re facing

So, I’ve bought me a Hummer and I drive it around,
I know that it’s not ecologically sound

I hog all the roads from St.Albans to Peckham,
And I boast that I’ve got one just like David Beckham.

I’ll read a newspaper that questions the proof,
That this warming is global and not just a spoof

I’ll battle my corner and hold my position
I don’t give a toss about carbon emissions

Why should I be bothered or remotely concerned?
I’m just reaping the benefits of what I have earned

Recycling is barmy, the greens are just daft,
Composting is something at which to be laughed

Wind turbines are hideous. They’re not the solution.
I prefer nuclear waste and industrial pollution

No time for soul searching, no time to reflect
It’s just all those pinko’s being politically correct

So please just ignore me when the sea starts to rise,
Don’t throw me a line when it’s up to my eyes

Inconvenient truth? Or elaborate farce?
Now, excuse me while I disappear………

by Rob Barratt