Events and financial support

There are numerous events coming up which the Campaign Against Climate Change is part of.

In June, we will be hosting a two day, international Climate Forum to allow activists from around the world to discuss, debate and co-ordinate campaigns for real action on Climate Change. We are involved in the protests and lobbies taking place this week, around the country over the issue of Bio-fuels (something of crucial importance as food prices rise around the globe) and we are of course doing everything we can to promote the demonstration at Heathrow on 31st May.

All this is co-ordinated on a shoestring by a small team of committed activists. The campaign relies on the support and membership of people around the country, but as you can imagine this is not enough.

Last Saturday’s meeting of the CaCC Trade Union group agreed that we would ask all those delegates who came to our Trade Union conference to take out a standing order to support the work of the campaign. A few pounds a month makes a big difference, and the regular income helps the campaign plan what is possible in the future.

A form can be downloaded from the CaCC website here Membership :

You can also find further information about all the activities mentioned above on the website.

Many thanks for all your support